A Covetable Christmas – More Inspiration

by Kristin on December 8, 2010

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You have no idea how many things I want to write about these days – I just need the time to do it all!  I am thinking that I need to lock myself in a closet with my computer and just write like crazy for several days.  Since that’s just not going to happen, I am hopping in and out as I can.  I do have a big, big announcement to make and I will do it in my next post.  It involves a) something new for Covetable b) something new for my readers and their friends and c) my biggest giveaway yet.  So stay tuned!

All of these photos are from Christmases past.  I found a great tabletop wreath stand and made it the centerpiece of this dining room display.  You can barely see it here, but there is a red organza bow on each side – I used two wreaths.  The runner is burlap and two mooses ( meese?) wear a coat of antiqued silver glitter.  I arranged two groupings of candles, cloches, crystal, mercury glass and fresh greens on either side.

Here is a closeup – and a flash shot for sure!- of one of the arrangements.  I also tucked some berry sprigs, faux antlers and a feathered red cardinal into the mix.

I have a wonderful time decorating my hallway for Christmas – the neutral palette makes everything feel warm and wonderful. Here is my beloved one-eared Roundtop deer.  He is all dressed up with a grosgrain bow and sitting on a bed of evergreens and my Aidan Gray spires are home to charming mercury glass birds.  The silver “threads” that you see on the live wreath are actually wire garland that I found a few years ago.  I loved using it and only wish I could find more – it is very airy and magical in person.

This is another deer that I found at a local shop.  He is sitting on top of some vintage books and flanked by these wonderful trees made with some sort of sea sponge.  This year I have simplified this grouping and I like it even better!

Again, this is over-exposed because of the flash!  This French bookcase is where I typically display my own Cabinet of Natural Curiousities.  There is a vignette on each shelf, and I tried to introduce little pops of red here and there.  I used more faux antlers, a combination of fresh and fake greens, lots of pinecones and mercury glass.  The sparkly branches are pretty wonderful in person, not so fantastic on a computer screen!  My favorite element of this whole display is the topper of garland, embroidered silk ribbon, and icicles and German glass acorns that hang from pale green organza ribbons.  It is literally over-the-top!!  It’s obvious that at Christmas time I tend to throw out any notion of editing and negative space and just go for it!

This is a close-up of the topper garland.  You can see some swags of that wonderful gossamer silver wire garland.

And here is the stairway decked in a lush live garland.  The ribbon is embroidered with silver thread and tiny mirrors in the shape of snowflakes.  I added silver leaves, nests, thistle “eggs”, and birds.  This is the most dramatic thing that I do each Christmas, so I have lots of photos.  I’ll share a few more with you.

Here is a closeup of the garland draping the newel posts.  I forgot to note the silver feathers that I use as part of this arrangement.  This particular year, the garland was amazingly lush.  It really makes everything look so much better.

This isn’t the best picture, but I thought you might like to see the staircase all the way up.  The open door on the left is to John’s study.

This is probably the best overall image.  I decorated each post cap and top of each swag with a smaller version of the festoon that I did for the newel posts.  Sometimes those thistle “eggs” will bounce their way down the stairs.  In the background here, you can barely see a gilded mirror.  It’s an antique over-mantel that we bought many, many years ago.  It’s been everywhere in our houses.  Now it serves as a lovely ledge for some sea fans, shells, and a starfish.

Last shot for now.  This is our back porch.  I used some red cushions, throws, and a wooden bowl filled with vintage jingle bells to give this area a nice holiday feel.  My favorite touch out here is the gorgeous collar on our stag.  It’s a remnant of the garland that we used on the stairs and so it is incredibly full and lush.

OK, so I am making my BIG announcement in the next post, and I really hope that you stop by.  It will be the biggest giveaway I have ever done by far!  I can’t wait!  I also will show you my living room and  family room bedecked for Christmas.  After that, I should have some shots for you of Maison Mullen as it currently looks.  Come on back!



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