A Gift for Joni

by Kristin on February 9, 2010

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This has been a long time coming.   If you ‘ve been reading the blog for awhile, you’ll know that Joni has been my fairy godmother – only more like godsister, since she and I are close to the same age, I think.  Anyway, my kitchen and master bedroom were in a photoshoot in September for Beautiful Kitchens and Beautiful Baths and it all came about because of Joni.  I, like many of you, read Joni’s blog all the time.  As a matter of fact, a TON of you come read my blog after you’ve visited Joni – yet another reason to thank her.  I love her sense of style, her depth of interest, but mostly I love her wit.  Anyway, I was reading her blog one day and she posted about getting into a magazine and that she knew someone who scouted for magazines.  She wrote that she would be happy to look at photos of readers’ houses and send them on to the scout.  Well, I took some photos of the house – in retrospect I am sure that they were pretty awful- and sent them on to Joni.  Mind you, I had never e-mailed Joni about anything before.  The next thing I knew, a perfectly lovely and oh-so-supportive e-mail came back from Joni telling me that she had sent the pics on to Bonnie Broten – the magazine “scout”/editor.  The rest is history.  ( More about Bonnie in a later post, I hope )

Anyway, I searched everywhere for the right thank you gift for Joni.  I couldn’t do flowers – that was too easy.  Nor a book – she has sooo many – have you SEEN her bookshelves?!  I searched and searched until I finally found a little something that I thought  looked like Joni.  Are you sensing a little bit of perfectionism here?  Yeah, me too.  It’s the bane of my life.  Where was I – oh yes, I found Joni’s gift.  And I won’t tell you yet what it is because if Joni is reading this  it would spoil the surprise.  So my next hurdle was getting Joni’s mailing address.  I asked her several times for it, before she finally and reluctantly gave it to me.  I had to promise that I was not a stalker, that the gift was a little something and I told her that if she didn’t let me send it to her soon that I would steal it for myself.

Next issue – wrapping the gift.  Now that may seem like a piffle, a nothing, a small detail.  And it would be if we were talking about anyone other than yours truly.  See I had an idea that I wanted to use a photocopy of my antique French household ledger pages as my wrapping paper.  Which meant that I had to remember to put it in the car the next time I was at Staples.


And then I had to remember to buy the absolutely perfect ribbon and strapping from JoAnn.  And then… well, you get the idea.  Nothing other than the French ledger paper, the upholstery strapping, and duck egg blue ribbon were going to make the cut to wrap the gift that Joni gets.  I am this way about wrapping gifts – it’s a sickness and I can’t help myself…The photo above shows the French ledger paper remnant, sealing wax and two seals, and a manila tag.  I used the seal to join the tissue paper inside the box, and I used my monkey seal that I love so.


The paper isn’t long enough to wrap the entire box, so I decided to make an obi -like wrap with it on top of Kraft paper and use the strapping and ribbon together.  The color of the ribbon picks up the color of the background of the page.   And the red seal on the inside echoes the red lines in the paper.  ( OK, so I don’t think even Joni would care about the level of detail on this, but when you are sending a gift that is MONTHS overdue, you do what you can to make it look good).


This is how the ribbon and strapping looked together.  You can also see by my handwriting that I clearly did not take calligraphic instruction.  But isn’t the handwriting in the ledger stunning?


Ready to get shipped out – finally!  Oh, and there is one other thing that Joni has helped me with – my camera choice.  She did a wonderful post on her camera adventures and it ended happily with Joni in possession of a Nikon D90.  I tried several different models out, but in the end took Joni’s advice and bought the D90. And I love it.

Well, I shipped out Joni’s gift today and it should arrive on her doorstep tomorrow.  It’s only 6 months late.

Thank goodness I am on a deadline at Chrismas!



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