Designer Deluxe or Budget Friendly: Creating the Perfect Perch on the Porch, Part Two

by Kristin on May 15, 2011

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Thank you to my readers that e-mailed me about design advice.  I have a great post planned about color for this week, so be sure to check back.  But, let’s get back to showing you the sources for my high/low furnishings for the porch.  Here is what I put together when money was no object.

Sources, starting in the first row, upper left hand corner are: Authentic Provence, Mecox, Mecox, Restoration Hardware.  The second row is Mecox, Restoration Hardware, and South of Market.  The third row is Authentic Provence, Authentic Provence, Restoration Hardware and Authentic Provence.

Sources, starting  upper left hand corner, going clockwise:  Authentic Provence, Mecox, Mecox, Mecox, Authentic Provence, Tara Shaw Maison, Tara Shaw Maison.

Mind you, this is simply a collection of images I could find online.  I am SURE I could have spent more if I prowled my local antique stores and boutiques!!  But let’s chat about my finds.

This is a limestone table from Authentic Provence.  I sourced a number of wonderful things from them.  I love the aesthetic.  And it truly is authentic.  My time in Provence was about more muted colors, graveled courtyards, and fields of lavender.  Not a Pierre Deux fabric in sight!  Also, remember that Provence sits along the French Riviera – the two blend together, really.  So the more sophisticated tastes of the Cote D’Azure bleed readily into the hills and fields of Provence.  At the end of this post, I will show you a montage of photos from Provence, and I think you will see what I mean.  But for now, let’s look at design!

I love the finish on this table, also from Authentic Provence.  The lemon trees on it are so charming!  The shelf is a great feature and would look marvelous styled with stacks crusty old pots and romantic dripping pillar candles. The little side table also comes from Authentic Provence, as do the wonderful firewood baskets.

This antique sconce is one of a pair from Authentic Provence.  Imagine how fabulous it will look with candles….

More Authentic Provence.  This planter is ubiquitous in Provence, but what I truly admire is the gorgeous blue, as it reminds me of the color of the Mediterranean as it appears close to shore.  Dreamy.  The website doesn’t give pricing for any of these items, but I am sure that if you e-mail them, they will happily respond!

Apologies for the size of the image from Restoration Hardware.  I love this sofa so much.  I like the long bench cushion, which feels more sleek and streamlined.  The shape of the arms is traditional but not overly bodacious.  Just really a wonderful piece from the Corsica Collection.  It is priced at $1930.

I mentioned that I was obsessed with this chair from Restoration Hardware, priced at $1125.  It is so charming, such a statement maker, and so unexpected for an outdoor piece.  I would love to have a pair on my own loggia.  It reminds me of a chair that I saw at Lucca on La Cienega Boulevard last summer.  I wish I could show it to you, but Lucca’s image it too blurry for me to show you.  Here is the link so you can see it in all it’s fabulosity:

Here is the Restoration Hardware Provence wicker chair, priced at $510. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I use Mecox for sourcing a lot of unique and wonderful things.  So I went to the well again and found these great pieces.

This wonderful verdigris obelisk from Mecox makes a wonderful statement, and the hue of the aging blends beautifully with the Authentic Provence planter.  It is extravagently beautiful, and that’s reflected in its price tag of over $4,000.  But what a punch it packs!

I love, love, love this piece.  And for an antique in such great condition, I believe that the pricing is not bad – $800. If you found this in a store anywhere else in the Hamptons, it could easily go for double or triple the price.

I love the modern meets traditional feel of these lanterns.  The zinc tops are great, and the horizontal lines keep them from looking too retro.  $195 each.

This is a pillow made from linen and wide grosgrain ribbon, rather than striped fabric.  That detail really makes it special in my eyes.  $325.

These lovelies also came from Mecox, as did the fun oyster shell ball. Tara Shaw Maison was the source for the fabulous mirror and wooden finial.  I can’t show images for them because they are too blurry.  Now, let’s look at my budget options, shall we?

Source, starting from the upper left hand corner, first row: World Market, Pottery Barn, Target; the second row: Pottery Barn, World Market, World Market, Pottery Barn,  the third row: World Market, World Market, Ballard Designs, World Market.

Sources from upper left hand corner and clockwise: Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn.

So, I first found out about World Market from one of Joni’s Cote de Texas posts about wicker chairs.  I remember thinking that the look of her new breakfast room chairs was fabulous for the price.  Little did I know what a treasure trove of style that World Market would be.

The Laguna table is $299!  I love the finish.

This is the Laguna all weather dining chair and it’s ON SALE for $116.  Oh my goodness, really?  Dinner can cost more than that!!

This is my budget stand-in for the fabulous Restoration Hardware chairs.  I know that it doesn’t possess anywhere close to the style of that chair, but this Maldives armchair is lovely in its own right and priced at a jaw-dropping $69, I am not sure how you can go wrong.  It is also eucalyptus, which is sustainably harvested.  So it’s green and cheap!!!

This farmhouse console table is intended to be in a covered area.  Again, I think the finish is great and it’s $249.  Unbelievable.

Again, this belongs in a covered area, but the Aiden table costs $169.  So fun.

I got an e-mail about this great stool.  I intended them to be grouped as a threesome instead of a coffee table, to punch up the style quotient.  And yes, you can afford three, as they are a paltry $39.

The Anduze pots from Ballard are now on sale, with the largest at $102.  It doesn’t have the same luminous glaze and great color that I adore, but I know it’s a fraction of the price.

This is now on sale for $99 from Pottery Barn.  Most of the rest of the accessories for my budget friendly design are from Pottery Barn.  You simply cannot beat the high design/moderate price of Pottery Barn.






Now, I know that the eagle-eyed readers amongst you will come up with some details that are different between the Pottery Barn versions of the accessories and furnishings and the higher-end ones. And that’s exactly the point, really.  Charming details tend to require the human touch, which is always more expensive, sometimes incredibly so.  I am sure that the Mecox antique birdhouse sitting next to the Pottery Barn version would cast the PB version in the shade.  But if you are more of a big-picture person, or on a budget, or both, then it is hard to go wrong with these more moderately priced versions.  As for the furniture, I am sure that the more expensive options are going to have better proportions, better finishes, and most importantly, better longevity.  But if you are young and starting out, or need to get a porch or loggia done on a tight budget, these considerations may well go to the backseat.  What I do know is that you don’t have to sacrifice great style to get a great look.  Now, as promised, here are some photos that I took while we were in Provence.

You know you are loved when you can go out and about with your husband and no makeup and he will still take a photo of you.  Aren’t the hills beautiful, though?

Have a great week.  Happy shopping!!

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