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by Kristin on July 14, 2010

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Hello All,

Happy Bastille Day!  This is such an ironic post for me to write, as I have to confess that before I moved to London, I was not such a fan of very many things French.  I loved visiting Paris, but did not embrace the Pierre Deux “country french”  look that was/is?  popular.  I prefer my chicken on my plate, rather than festooning my walls.  But that is just me.  I also don’t love the gilded Louis the umpteenth furniture.  It is too too for my taste.  And again, that’s just me.  Or as Seinfeld would say “Not that there’s anything wrong with it….”

Of course, after we visited lots of different regions in France and many different homes there, I really fell in love with French style.  I appreciate their eye and aesthetic.  And I realized that the idea of French style that had made it here to America was not really the way that the French decorate their own homes.  Thankfully, in no small part to the internet, we are able to see a more authentic French style, and it is this style that I find so appealing.

I found some great blogs that are influenced by the French, or whose authors have spent a lot of time in France, or that actually originate in France.  Here are links to just a few:

http://chicprovence.blogspot.com/ Chic provence is a blog written by a San Fransiscan (?) who is inspired by the art, the fabric, the style of Provence.  I can practically smell the lavendar….

http://thefrencheye.blogspot.com/ Through the French eye is a blog written by a French stylist who has also lived in the United States and Africa.  Her eye for fashion, style and interiors is very sophisticated, very French.

http://parishotelboutique.blogspot.com/ Paris Hotel Boutique Journal is a blog written by the owner of Paris Hotel Boutique, a great online store for vintage French finds, especially hotel silver and china, naturellement.

http://parisapartment.wordpress.com/ The Paris Apartment is the blog by the owner of the eponymous shop in New York City.  She has written a book, works on interior design projects and is designing a furniture line, but other than that, she really isn’t up to much at all!!

http://www.enseignedegersaint.typepad.fr/ Le Petit Cabinet of Curiosities is a French blog, but the author writes in English.  She owns a wonderful shop in France and has a wonderful eye for style and design.  I find something wonderful every time I click over.

ttp://bcommebon.canalblog.com/ B comme bon is another French blog, this time written in French.  No matter, the images of French life are so evocative and beautiful that you don’t need to understand what is written to appreciate the blog.

Above and below is one of my favorite books, The New French Decor by Michele Lalande.  I apologize for the pics, but I am pressed for time and didn’t edit or do much more than snap and go.  I can’t count the whys, but I heartily recommend that you get your hands on this book.  Trust me, it’s a wonderful resource even if you do not care for French style, as it could be a stylist’s encyclopedia and dictionary all in one.

I am off to parts unknown for a week.  I always have great intentions of writing posts while I am gone, or doing a few before I leave to post while I am gone.  It sort of never happens.  I know, I know, I disappoint myself.

Have a great week ahead.  I plan on it!


PS  I am thinking about doing a post like this more often, where I aggregate blogs and posts that I am reading and enjoying.  I know that other blogs have a program where you can see that someone has just posted and a bit about what the post might be, but I thought I might try saving you a step and let you know which posts are especially enjoyable.  I also will link to previous posts on a certain topic.  What do you think?  Sound good to you?


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